Tamron teases an F/2-2.8 35-150mm Sony E Mount Lens

Tamron f/2-2.8 35-150 Sony E MountSony’s E mount cameras have gotten pretty popular for various reasons. And while I’d say they were also getting decent attention from lens manufacturers, the last ~12-18 months has really seen an uptick in attention.

Case in point: this new f/2-2.8 35-150mm lens that Tamron just teased.

There are a few exciting things here. For starters, 35-150mm is a pretty versatile and useful range. Add to that, a minimum of an f/2.8 aperture is ideal for a lot of shooting environments and scenarios. But most exciting is the f/2, which as Tamron notes, is the first zoom lens for Sony E mount full frame cameras to offer such a wide open aperture. Of course, I’m pretty curious when that f/2 starts stopping down further out the range. Nonetheless, having the option of a presumably good 35mm lens with f/2 is nothing to sneeze at.

Hypothesizing aside, the details that Tamron has given us (so far) are as follows:

  • A-B Focus: Set 2 focus positions (A and B) and make the focus automatically shift between A and B
  • Focus Preset: Set your desired focus position and move the focus to the recorded point by a click
  • Switch Focus Ring Function (Focus/Aperture): Switch Focus Ring Function from focus adjustment to aperture adjustment
  • Assign function from the camera: Assign custom functions from the camera body to the Focus Set Button

Notably, most of the above revolves around custom button settings and less into the weeds details. Still, being able to alter button settings via the Tamron lens utility is a nice addition. And based off just basic knowledge of how light, camera lens manufacturing and all that jazz works, I’d have to suspect this will be roughly the same size as the 70-180. We shall see.

Further specs, pricing, and actual release date remain elusive, though Tamron says it should hit the market later this year.


Press release: Tamron

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